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Snowdonia - Wales (2)Go! Yakushima is a Yakushima English guide company on the UNESCO World Heritage island of Yakushima.  The founder of Go! Yakushima is Steve and he has lived in Japan since 1999.  Steve moved from rural western Japan to Yakushima in 2011 and he began guiding on Yakushima in 2013.

Go! Yakushima offer walks into the forests and mountains of Yakushima to suit all abilities.  From short & easy walks to taxing and challenging hikes up some of Yakushima's coastal mountains.  Go! Yakushima also provide full day island tours that follow the coastal route of the island and the focus is on history and culture of Yakushima, as well as some outstanding areas of natural beauty.

A common question we are asked is, "Do I need a guide?"  Our simple reply is that if you have gone to the great effort and expense to get to Yakushima then the relatively cheaper expense of a guide with local knowledge can turn your Yakushima trip from one of random photos of trees into a very memorable and personal experience.

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Go! Yakushima offer 5 styles of tours, ranging from a few hours to an overnight expedition in the mountains.

Forest Tours: Yakushima is known for its old sugi trees, but the forests contain many more gems.

Island Tour: this is a very popular tour as it circumvents the island.  The tour is filled with information on the history, culture and environment of Yakushima.

Mountain Tours: Yakushima has an abundance of mountains and each one has its own unique features.

1 Night 2 Day Tour: aside from the excitement of spending the night up in the mountains, these tours allow you to experience the forests and mountains during the tranquility of dusk and dawn.

Short Tours: if you wish to make use of a half day before you leave the island or you arrive later on in the morning, or you don't want to walk too far into the forest, then short tours are an ideal option.


If you are needing help with accommodation on Yakushima or booking your ferry from Kagoshima then we'd be happy to help you.  Also, if you need any hiking rental gear then send your sizes and we can reserve the gear for you.