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Aikodake 13th February 2013 026

Aiko Dake (愛子岳) was originally called Arai San (荒井山), but was later re-named after an unfortunate young girl was married to someone she didn’t love.  You’ll hear the rest of the story going up the mountain! 

Aiko Dake has the pyramid shape of an Alpine mountain and going from 180m to 1235m in less than 4 hours then it may feel as though you are going up an Alpine mountain.  This trek is for those in good health and fitness.  The knees take a bit of a pounding on the way down so you may wish to consider taking a pole to take some weight off your knees during the descent.

From the summit (on a clear day) there is a perfect 360 degree panorama.  Over in the distance are the central mountains and on the opposite side is the long island of Tanegashima. You can sit and eat lunch while watching the midday planes coming and going down at the airport. 

Aiko dakeMost of the ascent is up a forested ridge.  Although there are no large sugi on Aiko Dake, the forests in this area of the island do have their own unique features.  The last hour is spent climbing the rock face of the summit and to add to the excitement there a few ropes to climb near the top. 

Go! Yakushima: 愛子岳: 屋久島ツアーwith 外国人ガイド from Steve Bell on Vimeo.

Level 4/5  |  Distance: 8km | Time 8 hours | Altitude 170 ~1235m

Guide Rate (per person)

1 person: 36,000円  |  2 people: 18,500円  |  3 people: 16,000円  |  4 or more: 14,000円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

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