Go! Yakushima


Kuromi Dake (黒味岳) is suitable for beginners.  However, you should be in good health as it is an 8 hour walk and there is a little bit of rope climbing near the top of Kuromi Dake.

The highlights of this trek are the marsh areas of Hananoego (花之江河)and Kohananoego(小花之江河).  From Kohananoego there is a great view of Kobandake (高盤岳).  Kobandake is often refered to as Tofu Rock, although it looks more like a loaf of sliced bread.

From the top of Kuromidake there is a 360° view as you stand near the center of the island at 1831 meters.  The highest mountains on the island stand right in front of you, but there are also distant views of Aikodake, Tachudake and Kurio Village down by the coast.

The drive up to the Yodogawa trail entry is a very interesting ride as you go from sea level to 1300 meters.  Along the way the vegetation changes and you also get some great views of Anbo and Tanegashima. Also, as you walk from the Yodogawa trail entry you will gradually notice a changing vegetation until you reach the exposed mountain tops where the alpine plants grow.  In June the walk in the highland can be spectacular as the rhododendron are in bloom and late summer is also a good time to visit this area as some of the delicate alpine plants make an appearance.

Go! Yakushima: 黒味岳 屋久島ツアーwith 外国人ガイド from Steve Bell on Vimeo.

Level 3/5  |  Distance: 10km | Time 7 – 8 hours | Altitude 1370 ~1815m

Guide Rate (per person)

1person: 38,000円  |  2 people: 20,000円  |  3 people: 17,000円4 or more: 15,500円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation | environmental maintenance fee

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