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Yakusugi Land

Buddha SugiYakusugi Land is only a 30 minute drive from Anbo up a spectacular road into the interior of the island.  The road offers great views of Aiko Dake, Tachu Dake and there are often macaques sitting by the roadside grooming each other.  If you arrive to Yakushima at midday or leave Yakushima in the afternoon, then a short hike around Yakusugi Land is an ideal way to spend the half day.

There are 4 course options: 30 minutes, 50 minutes, 80minutes or 150 minutes.  If you have the time then you can easily make the 150 minute course into a 240 minute walk and truly appreciate the forest scenery around you. The 150 minute course includes several large Yakusugi including; Hahako sugi, Higechoro sugi, Buddha sugi, Tenchu sugi and a large sugi that fell in 1997 – Jamon sugi.  However, the sugi are not the only large trees in this area as the fir and hemlock trees are also an impressive size.

The river crossings along these routes offer some great river scenes as the cobalt waters come rushing down the valley.  During heavy rain the noise is thunderous.  Yakusugi Land is a good area to walk around in the rain as the river crossings are much safer than those at Shiratani Unsuikyo.

The Yakusugi Land area was logged for 350 years and all around the forest we can find evidence of this former industry.

Yakusugi Land does not get as busy as Shiratani Unsuikyo and yet it is quite easily on a par with it in terms of natural beauty.  If you were looking for a quieter short tour then this, rather than Shiratani Unsuikyo, is perhaps the better choice. 

Level 2/5  |  Distance: 1 – 5km | Time 1 – 4 hours | Altitude 1000 ~1200m

Guide Rate (per person)

1 person: 30,000円  |  2 people: 16,000円  |  3 people: 14,000円  |  4 or more: 12,500円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

Excluded from the guide rate : 500 yen per adult National Park entry

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