The Miyanouradake tour is a long day`s hiking tour into the central highlands of Yakushima. It requires an early start and the early morning departure is usually around sunrise. This long day hike has numerous rewards as you are taken through the land of the gods to the highest peak in southern Japan.

The Miyanouradake tour begins at the Yodogawa Mountain Entry and day-return hikers should pay a 1,000 yen environment donation at the mountain entry booth.

The Yodogawa Trail is a steady ascent into the sub-alpine region of Yakushima. The trail begins surrounded by some of the main temperate forest species and by mid-morning we are beyond the tree line and into mountain shrubs and dwarf species. Only the hardiest of vegetation survive in this region as the winter temperatures are often below zero and often the central mountains are deep in snow.

After about 1 hour the Yodogawa Mountain Hut offers a location to stock up on delicious stream water. The Yodo River is just beyond the hut and it is always a tranquil scene. A further 90 minute walk brings you out at a higher elevation where there is a look-out point to view Kuromidake (1,831m). Descending a little further brings you out at the Kohana no Ego marsh. A beautiful water-logged area with excellent views of Kobandake and the amazing granite formation on a clear day. The next landmark is the larger marshland known as Hana no Ego. It is very important when passing through the two marshlands to stay upon the boardwalk as there are rare endemic species in these regions.

Hana no Ego is a crossroads in the mountains as a number of trails converge at the marshland (Kurio Trail, Yudomari Trail, Ishitzuka Trail and Yodogawa Trail). It is a common location to take a rest and observe deer that frequent the marshland.

Ascending up to the Nageishi Plateau requires some rope-climbing, but this section can be accomplished even by beginners. The Nageishi Plateau is also a good place to rest.

The final few hours of the morning ascent are over the highland region and the highest peaks are set out in a row on the right of the trail (Nageishidake 1,830m), Anbodake (1,847m), Okinadake (1,860m) and Kuriodake (1,867m). Along this section of the trail there are an amazing assortment of granite rock formations which give the impression that you have arrived in the land of the gods and the guide will gladly show guests numerous sacred locations along the route.

The gradual slope to Miyanouradake (1,935m) seems to go on forever as Miyanouradake is a rotund mountain and viewing the summit as you ascend it is not possible. The summit is exposed to sun, wind & rain, although there are a few places to take shelter just below the summit.

The peak of Miyanouradake gives a wonderful 360 panorama (on a clear day) and there are superb views of Nagatadake and sometimes Kuchinoerabujima in the distance. Views of the Kyushu mainland and Tanegashima are also possible.

The guide can give guests an insight into the shrine located on Miyanouradake – explaining the bi-annual pilgrimage ritual that is carried out to this day on Yakushima.

The second half of the Miyanouradake Tour is the same route, but in reverse and having ascended the mountain by midday, the return journey is always more relaxed and slightly easier.

Water is available along this trail.

Level 5/5  |  Distance: 16 km | Time 10 – 11 hours | Altitude 1370m ~ 1936m

Guide Rate (per person)

1 person: 56,000円  

2 people: 30,000円 

3 people: 25,000円 

4 or more: 23,000円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

Not included in the guide rate : 1,000 yen per adult Environment Maintenance Donation

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