Overnight Tours

Yakushima Overnight Tours explore the interior the island and experience the tranquility of a night under the stars. Guests can either sleep in a basic mountain hut or for the more adventurous, sleep in a tent (we would recommend the mountain hut if it is likely to rain during the night and the latter if this is not the case). We sleep at around 1300 meters and so it will be around 10C – 15C cooler than at sea level, meaning that the summer nights are cool and the spring and fall nights are cold.

The guide will prepare the meals once at the campsite, so the guests can wander off for a while. This is often a good opportunity to spend some quiet, quality time in the presence of Jomon Sugi. Camp food always tastes great after a long day hike!

There are two Yakushima Overnight Tours to choose from and both go via Jomon Sugi.

The Shiratani Unsuikyo and Jomon Sugi Tour goes through the wonderful Shiratani forest early in the morning. There are two ascents on the first day and one ascent on the second day. We spend the night near Jomon sugi and return along the same route the following day. This is a great overnight tour for beginners.

The Miyanouradake and Jomon Sugi Tour goes over the central highland to the highest mountain in Kyushu. The first day of this tour is the harder of the two. The second day is slightly easier as it descends most of the time.

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