Yakushima info provides the visitor with the basic information required when planning a visit to the island.  We give a very short introduction to Yakushima.  There is too much to this island for it to compiled within a few pages of a website.  We would strongly recommend booking a Go Yakushima tour.

There are only two methods of transportation to Yakushima – either by flight or ferry.   The access page has links to the ferry companies and to JAL.   Should you book a Go Yakushima tour then we`d be able to reserve your hydrofoil ferry tickets in advance if requested.  The reservation number would be sent to you and you could pay for the ferry tickets at the port upon the day of departure.

The interior of Yakushima ranks as one of the wettest places on the planet.  To be hiking with inadequate rain wear at high altitude is a risk not worth taking.  Even in the summer it can be cold at 1500 meters.  We have provided information for what would be considered appropriate hiking gear on Yakushima throughout the year.  If you do not have adequate hiking gear or do not wish to bring it to Japan due to luggage weight limitations then we can arrange hiking gear rental on Yakushima.  When booking a Go Yakushima tour then please send a list of required hiking gear rental and your sizes at least 1 week before your tour.

 The dramatic stories people read about the weather on Yakushima seems to cause some people concern.  Yakushima is a rain forest and rain is to be expected at some point during a stay of a week on the island.  The dramatic stories are usually written by people who have never lived on Yakushima.  Our weather page gives a good indication of what to expect.

If you are in need of accommodation on Yakushima then contact us and we can find you something that suits your budget as well as your itinerary.