Janokuchi Waterfall

The Janokuchi Waterfall Tour could be a 5 hour half day trip or in the summer you could extend this into a longer day with a picnic by the waterfall.  It’s a low altitude hike and so the temperature is not much different to that by the coast.

The Janokuchi Waterfall Tour begins by the Onoaida Onsen and the initial 30 minutes is a very sub-tropical experience.  Large tree ferns dominate the early stretch of this trail.  The plant life is different to the higher forested areas of Yakushima (eg Shiratani Unsuikyo).

The walk through the forest rarely turns into a climb, but there are a number of twists and turns that make this route an adventure.  Along the way there is an old charcoal-making oven. Charcoal-making used to be an essential part of life on the island as it was the most reliable fuel source.  It has many different uses and it is still used as a form of humidity control in the house.

You are never too far away from water during this hiking tour and higher up there are a few river crossings.  Gradually the sound of water intensifies so that you instinctively know that a waterfall is nearby.  However, it is not until you poke your head out through some bush near the water’s edge that you finally see this Eden-like waterfall scene – a huge wall of granite with a number of streams of water flowing down.

The pool water below Janokuchi is deep and there are lots of big rocks to sit around the pool.  It makes a great place for a picnic.

Level 3/5  |  Distance: 8km | Time 5 hours | Altitude 90 ~ 670m

Guide Rate (per person)

1 person: 38,000円 

2 people: 20,000円 

3 people: 16,500円 

4 or more: 14,000円

Included in the guide rate: lunch bento | transportation

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