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When filling out the Go Yakushima Tour booking form then please try to provide as much information as possible.  The name of your Yakushima hotel may determine the pick-up time from the hotel, the age of the guests may determine what type of tour is possible.  Arrival times and departure times may allow us to suggest tours on the day of your arrival and / or departure.  Dietary information would also help us provide you with an appropriate lunch during the tour.  However, if there are specific allergies such as gluten-free then we may ask the guest to provide their own lunch.

The Yakushima tour booking form also includes a section for any required hiking gear rental.  It is important that guests are properly equipped for hiking tours.  It can rain at anytime up in the mountains and getting wet in cooler temperatures can have serious consequences.   Check the weather page to get an idea of what kind of clothing would be suitable for the time of year you plan to visit Yakushima.  We would also recommend hiking boots with ankle support as twisted ankles are the most common injury on the trails.

If you have any specific requests then please use the message box found at the bottom of the booking form.

Method of payment and the Go Yakushima tour cancellation policy can be found by following this link.

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    Should you not receive a reply from us within 24 hours then please feel free to contact Go Yakushima at

    Telephone number : 080 8952 7284