Yakushima Short Island Tour

The Yakushima Short Island Tour is a flexible tour based upon the time you have after arriving to the island and the time you have remianing in the day before your leave the island.  Other factors that may affect the itinerary of Yakushima Short Island Tour are the location of your hotel, the weather on the day and the interests of the guests.  We do have a basic recommended outline of the tour based upon years of experience operating this tour, but if guests have a specific request then we would always attempt to include it in the schedule if logistics permit. 

During the Yakushima Short Island Tour the guests will learn about the rich history of the island, the unique culture and what it’s like to live on Yakushima.   Given that this is shortened version of the full-day Yakushima Island Tour then we would unlikely to be able to go around the entire island, but instead focus upon specific areas of the island. Some locations we stop off are well-known and other locations are our favorite surprise spots not found in the brochures and travel blogs of the day-visitors.

The tour itinerary can often change to adapt to the weather on the day or the season.  In the summer months we would usually aim to include some fun-time in the water.  Yakushima is blessed with crystal clear rivers and sea.  We can also include visits to local craftspeople if requested or if guests have a particular interest in the local food produce. 

Places of interest that are sometimes included on the Yakushima Island Tour include the Ohko Waterfall, Seibu Rindo forest road, Inakahama Beach, Senpiro Waterfall.  If guests would also like to enter the Hirauchi seaside onsen then this can also be included (please bring towels and 200 yen entry fee). 

Guests can also take this tour as a day-trip to Yakushima from Kagoshima as the guide would meet guests from the Miyanoura Port or Yakushima Airport in the morning and return the guests to the port / airport for the last ferry / flight back to Kagoshima. 

Guide rate per person

1person: 49,000円 

2 people: 25,000円 each 

3 people: 20,000円 each 

4 people+: 17,000円 each

included in the price:  lunch bento  /  transportation

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