Short Tours

Yakushima short tours make good use of the time you may have when you arrive to Yakushima in the morning or depart from Yakushima in the afternoon.  The Yakushima short tours are ideal for guests who do not wish to walk far or may have small children, but wish to appreciate the natural environment of the island.

Both the Shiratani Unsuikyo and Yakusugi Land short tours enter the National Parks into the beautiful moss-covered forests.  Of the two forest hikes, the Yakusugi Land forest has the easier short walk facilities for guests that have particular walking difficulties.  The Shiratani Unsuikyo forest is ideal for guests arriving to, or departing from, the Miyanoura Port.  Similarly, the Yakusugi Land forest is ideal for guests arriving to, or departing from, the Anbo Port.

The Janokuchi Waterfall tour is a relatively short hike through the southern sub-tropical area of Yakushima.  This is an excellent tour during the summer months as the destination is a large waterfall with a huge pool at its base.  During the lunch break guests are able to take a refreshing swim in the pool.  The vegetation on this lowland hike is different to that found in the higher temperate forest zones.

The Yakushima Island short tour would be able to make good use of the whatever time you have left in the day before departure from the island or after arrival to the island.  However, we may not be able to fully circumvent the island due to obvious time restrictions.  The itinerary of this tour would be dependent upon your hotel location and arrival / departure times.

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