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Yakushima tours with Go Yakushima focus upon hikes into the forests and mountains of the island.  Our tours suit all abilities, levels and interests.  From short & easy walks to taxing & challenging hikes up some of Yakushima’s mountains.  Go Yakushima also provide full day island tours that circumvent the coastal route of the island and the focus upon the island`s history & culture as well as some outstanding areas of natural beauty and fun time in the fantastic rivers & sea.  We can cater families with small children as well as elderly who may have walking problems.

A frequent question visitors consider is, “Do I need a guide?”  Our simple reply is that if you have gone to the great effort and expense to get to Yakushima, then the relatively cheaper expense of a guide with local knowledge can turn your Yakushima trip from one of random photos of trees into a very memorable and personal experience.

Go Yakushima offer five types of tours, ranging from a few hours to a full day in the mountains.  Our popular Island Tour is a day filled with local information while visiting many of the sights around the island.  During the summer months there is usually always time for some fun-time in the water.  A day tour in the forest with one of our guides should not be missed as the pace is relaxed and the focus is on the small things that would otherwise be missed by the uninformed hiker.

During the late spring to early summer, we offer night time tours to observe female turtles lay their eggs upon the beach.  Yakushima receives the most number of nesting turtles in Japan.  The experience is unforgettable.

Go Yakushima arrange hiking gear rental if required.  Please indicate what equipment you require and the necessary sizes on the Go Yakushima Booking Form.

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