Mountain Tours

Yakushima Mountain Tours offer an awesome adventure to the highest range of mountains in southern Japan.  What makes this adventure more intense is that these mountains spring for the sea which is only a few kilometers away from the peaks!   Of the mountain tours available, only Kuromidake is not a pilgrimage destination for the local inhabitants.  However, along the route to Kuromidake there are reminders of the pilgrimage.  These mountain trails are not only thrilling experiences into amazing natural locations, but they are also sacred trails dating back hundreds of years.

Yakushima Mountain Tours require good health and fitness.  As long as the guest is fit then experience is not required (but certainly useful!).  Along all of these mountain trails there are climbing ropes to ascend up the rock face.  Most are nothing more than novice level, but the final rope to the peak of Mocchumdake requires a bit of nerve.  The Mocchumadake mountain is the lowest peak on our tour menu list, but this ascent goes from 270 meters to 1,000 meters without any flat areas.  It is a tough climb!

Two peaks, Kuromidake and Miyanouradake, go into the central highland region and ascend beyond the tree line.  These hikes in late May / early June can be spectacular when the endemic Yakushima rhododendron are blooming.  The Miyanouradake tour is a longer hike than Kuromidake.

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